Finding the strength to live a healthy life.

Strength is the ability to preserve in the face of incredible pressure. Pressure, however, doesn't have to be physical. Neither does strength. Our next employee spotlight is with a woman who has gone through so much just to emerge as an inspiration: Tanya Sage. Tell us a little about yourself. I'm an RYT200 (Registered Yoga … Continue reading Finding the strength to live a healthy life.


Employee Spotlight: Winnie

For this month's Employee Spotlight, we decided to talk with one of our instructors, Winnie Hamilton. She is specializes in the Zumba series: Aqua, Basic, Circuit, Gold, and Toning. She is also certified in Senior Services and Muscle Strength & Cardio Classes. Right now, you can find her leading classes at The Watermark at East Hill … Continue reading Employee Spotlight: Winnie

It’s not good-bye…it’s see you later!

Our employee spotlight for March is also a farewell. Tanya Davis, one of our fitness instructors, will be moving. While with The FFXP, she lead classes at The Watermark at East Hill and Spruce Bank Farms in Woodbury. She leads her classes with such joy-such vigor-such fury-we weren't surprised at how much the people taking her classes love … Continue reading It’s not good-bye…it’s see you later!