“When life gives you lemons, trade them for coffee”-unknown

Eating healthy can mean having to get rid of some things you love. Does coffee have to be one of them? We talked to Alba, Owner and Master Coffee Artisan of Alba’s Cafecito’s in Waterbury, about benefits of organic coffee.

My “Why”


Alba Reveron-Perez, Owner and Master Coffee Artisan of Alba’s Cafecitos LLC.

I established Alba’s Cafecitos in March of 2016. I have over 17 years of experience working with children and families within our community. Making a change in careers was no easy task but my passion for my own health and family drove me to make my decision. Still understanding that my community and the world has a need, I brought my experiences, knowledge, and passion to my new venture. As a company, we have made over 3,000 dollars in contributions to organizations, hospitals, farmers and more in efforts to create an impact all around the globe.


Organic coffee is FREE of fertilizers and pesticides which are essentially harmful. Research has shown that continuous use of foods found with these toxins can cause diseases like immune suppression, reproductive abnormalities, and cancer (to name a few). Conventional coffee (regular) is one of the most heavily chemically treated food.


  • Weight Loss
  • Maximizes Fitness Goals
  • Helps prevents diabetes
  • Improves cognition
  • Reduces depression


I was diagnosed with diabetes and had to take seven different medications. I began researching ways to naturally combat diabetes and saw the benefits of drinking a cup of black organic coffee after a healthy meal can help lower blood sugars. After consulting with my doctor, I made the decision to test this theory. As a result, I lost weight and now take only two medications. I continuously make healthier choices that not only benefit me, but also my family.


Eating and being healthy does not have to be boring! Explore, taste, and just have fun cooking. Before you know it, you will create more than just a recipe in the kitchen; it will be your secret sauce for an awesome, healthy life.






Visit her website for products, catering, and what businesses offer her brand of cafecitos.

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