Employee Spotlight: Winnie

zumbalogo3For this month’s Employee Spotlight, we decided to talk with one of our instructors, Winnie Hamilton. She is specializes in the Zumba series: Aqua, Basic, Circuit, Gold, and Toning. She is also certified in Senior Services and Muscle Strength & Cardio Classes.

Right now, you can find her leading classes at The Watermark at East Hill in Southbury and Chatfield Farms in Beacon Falls.


Tell us about yourself.

I’m a single women who’s never been married and have no kids. I’m originally from Jamaica, so most of my family is still there. I do have folks in New York, Florida, and Canada.

I love dogs but only  have a beta fish as a pet. I enjoy cooking, dancing, and teaching fitness classes. My goals are: to be accepted into a physical therapy assistant program to get my degree, continue as the best fitness instructor I can be, and become fluent in Spanish and French!

What kind of music would we find on your favorite playlist?

I have an eclectic taste in music. It would include: R&B, Hip Hop, Latin, Reggae, Caribbean, and lots of Zumba music.

What is one thing you couldn’t live without?

I absolutely could not live without finding my true love.

What is something about you that might surprise others?

It might surprise people to know that I have an incurable sweet tooth!

What is a quote that you live by?

Never forget where you came from.

Why did you choose a career in fitness?

I’ve always worked out and loved group fitness and the gym atmosphere. I actually fell into the fitness field by accident. I started taking Zumba classes 10 years ago and loved it so much I got certified when I was offered to teach one Zumba class a week at my local gym. When I lost my job as a mortgage loan processor, I seized the opportunity to expand my fitness schedule and now I’m actively teaching 15 classes weekly. I’m also working to get my degree as a Physical Therapy Assistant.

Thanks, Winnie-you’re an vital part of our team. We’re glad to have you! 


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