It’s not good-bye…it’s see you later!

Our employee spotlight for March is also a farewell. Tanya Davis, one of our fitness instructors, will be moving. While with The FFXP, she lead classes at The Watermark at East Hill and Spruce Bank Farms in Woodbury. She leads her classes with such joy-such vigor-such fury-we weren’t surprised at how much the people taking her classes love her. As do we.

She has over 20 years of experience as a fitness instructor. Her certifications include: Ace Certified Personal Trainer, SilverSneakers Instructor, Healthy Back Instructor, Strength Training Instructor, and Youth Fitness Instructor. She’s won numerous awards for her service in the health community. She won the National Physique Committee Bodybuilding Championship, was a finalist in a Reebok Fitness Competition, was an Olympic Torch bearer, and was even a fitness model!

Whew. Her accolades aren’t her only source of  pride-she’s married with four children, and a grandmother of five. She also has a dog, Tinker-her fur baby.

There is no stopping this woman.

We talked to her after one of her classes to see what her experience with The FFXP was like.

Tanya-we have been blessed to work with you. Thanks for everything!



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