Volume lV: Letter from the Founder

letter-from-the-founder-seriesThese   letters   are   to   intended   to   encourage   and   provide   tidbits   of   information which will (hopefully) keep you in the know and you would want to pass it on, and even send me you questions, concerns, and comments!

Let’s   keep   it   real…   if   you   were  truly  looking   to   change   something about yourself … it would have been done already…In this 4th volume, my letter will be a reflection on “commitment”.

Commitment:  “the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc. a willingness to give your time and energy to…”

My  commitment is to promote Health & Wellness awareness to everyone, not just children or seniors or women or disabled … to everyone! To provide you with the knowledge and understanding through the tools available to you through the FFXP trainers, and staff alike! All you need to do is “commit” as you would to a TV show, as you would to a favorite game, as you would to do for others…so,commit to yourself!  With only 30 minute 3 times a week… so, there’s a Choice…this was MY Choice… What’s yours???

Training – The FFXP training program is uniquely developed to work for you and your busy schedule.     What are you looking to achieve?   We can help you with that!  Need help setting your goals?  We can help you with that!  Need someone to motivate you and keep you motivated?   We can help you with that too!!!   All you   need   is   3   days   a   week,   30   minutes   each   day.     Trust me, THIS WORKS!

Tempted? Contact us to schedule your FREE assessment today!

Food For Thought: Strive for Progress…NOT perfection! 

Word of Encouragement: A peaceful heart leads to a healthy body; jealousy is like cancer in the bones. Proverbs 14:30


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