Employee Spotlight


Susan Krusko, Programs Manager

“I have dedicated my professional life to helping low income people have access to the legal system.  My passion is exercising, nutrition and taking yoga classes. I am certified in Zumba, Zumba Gold and Zumba Kids.” –Susan

Susan’s passion for fitness and helping people was always obvious! Not only is she our Programs Manager, but she is also a fitness instructor. She holds a Group Fitness Exercise Instructor Certification through NETA (National Exercise & Trainers Association) and is in the process of continuing her fitness education by pursuing a Nutrition Specialty Certification.

As the Program Manager, Susan engages with the community to find individuals or groups who might needs our services. Susan is currently responsible for providing services to two sites, Woodbury Senior Center and Prospect Senior Center, both which she handled the programs demonstrations and dates of service security.

I am very proud of how Susan has grown as an Instructor for The FFXP. She is more confident, positive, and assertive.

I quote a line of hers:  “Life is precious and we need to take advantage of every breath!”


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